Owner of a lonely heart

Right now I just wish I had not fallen a little for someone unavailable. Nothing’s happened – nothing’s wrong. I’ve spent a day out with G at a concert, then we met FF for drinks. We dodged a giant thunderstorm (just) and had a great time once we finally found a pub (which I feared … Continue reading

Second time lucky

Passed my part 1 test this morning. My test was first – got on, cracked on, conquered the slalom. Job done. Bet my instructor didn’t think I’d do it – having a quick practise beforehand in the other car park I was all over the sodding place. However it was 7.30am and I had not … Continue reading

The Casual Email

I wrestled with my conscience for – oooooh – let’s realistically say at least a whole minute this morning. I had in my possession, as emailed to me by a colleague from another organisation, a group photo of us all from the conference party last week. From the photo booth. A sector memento, if you … Continue reading

Bloody slaloms

Had a giant microsecond attack of nerves 3 minutes into my Part 1 motorbike test. Unhelpfully this was right in the middle of the slalom, where you need perfect concentration and zen-like calm. I’d been fine in the practices all morning. But no, my nerves got the better of me and I veered off course, … Continue reading

In which “Things are a tad rocky”

Checked my work emails today. Lo and behold, M had replied about half an hour after I left the office on Friday. He’d got my note. Here it is. The title was ‘Conference Feedback (!)’ ____________________________________________ Hello!   My highly formal looking email title relates of course to the post!   I’m afraid I will … Continue reading

Best friends rule

Last weekend I was lucky enough not to be visited by just my best friend, but also my fabulous cousin. Friday afternoon saw Cousin Z arrive. She’d been on a course in the county. We strolled up the river to The Perch and generally basked in the afternoon sunshine. When the sun finally went in … Continue reading

Conferencing II

It is (at the time I type this) 03:45 (I don’t normally see this time…) I’ve had a very interesting day at the conference, learning lots, stuffing my face and drinking lots of “free” booze (included in the ~£ grand ticket) Several colleagues from different teams are here. One I’ve only met briefly once, till … Continue reading

Conference Novelty

Ahhh the novelty of attending a conference where I need to stay over. Not just one night, but two! Ever budget-conscious, I am installed in a Travelodge in the City, along with what seems like 3 school parties and a handful of other conference attendees too similarly tight to stay at the conference hotel. The … Continue reading