A year of doing badly

Within the last 12 months I have: failed to get two ‘Senior’ jobs – “strong fields” “difficult decision” blah blah BLAH. TWO. Yes. One was the job last week. I’m really pissed off about the manner in which I finally found out (HR, an email) failed to get an apprenticeship failed my part 1 bike test, … Continue reading

Interminable waiting

Seems like a lifetime, to wait between interview on Tuesday and ‘by the end of the week’. Challenges: a stinking cold; one of the panel being T the Moron, the despised former manager of my previous team; the selection process being split into three parts, at two different times of the day. Pros: T the … Continue reading

Speedboats, cocktails, and champagne

I had such a fun weekend. HBF and I went and had a speedboat adventure (my belated birthday present). We made it through the horrendous traffic down to Southampton with about 5 minutes to spare, panicking about being late, following a comedic combination of phone sat-nav and paper direction, with the world’s smallest-scale map. But … Continue reading

Wednesday Night Delight

“What do you know about soft tissue damage?” I asked the Doc, stretching my smooth, soft and still-bruised leg in the air, post-coitally. He had a good feel. “Yeah, reckon you’ve torn a muscle in there” – as I yelped in pain at his poking into said (thigh) muscle. He may be an ENT specialist … Continue reading

Thank You; or, Falling Off Hurts

To everyone who looked after me today. Thank you – to the passers-by who immediately called an ambulance and checked to see if I was OK. Sorry – to my instructor who I slightly crashed in to as I randomly and bizarrely lost control and over-throttled (from a stationery start, oh the shame!) and knocked … Continue reading

Holding back the housing enthusiasm

I have somewhere sorted to live from mid-October. Housemate S and I are not going to carry on living here. The house is too problematic and expensive; the agency are sharks; the bells are starting to really annoy me. My colleague / friend NG is staying with friends since her house sale / purchase fell … Continue reading

Supper club is good for the soul

Apparently I started my blog three years ago. Three! I’ve had a lot to bore people with whinge about in that time, mostly man-related whinging it has to be said. Who wants to hear about grumbling about your gas bill, after all? From time to time I like to dwell on the good things in … Continue reading