Supper club is good for the soul

Apparently I started my blog three years ago. Three! I’ve had a lot to bore people with whinge about in that time, mostly man-related whinging it has to be said. Who wants to hear about grumbling about your gas bill, after all? From time to time I like to dwell on the good things in … Continue reading

In which a small but significant milestone is reached

Today I announced to LT and LZ that I would be very happy not to ever see OG again, ever. LT called my bluff and said ‘so you’ll delete his number from your phone, then?’ I picked up my phone, brought up his contact details, and deleted them in front of her. Good riddance.

Another crap date

How awful is that sinking feeling in your stomach when you meet your date in person for the first time, and you are taller than them in your heels? It’s not something I enjoy, put it that way. It ought to be noted that I’m not what you’d call a giant – I’m a very … Continue reading

Summer Sunshine

Been out raspberry picking today, hot hot hot. A really lovely English summer’s thing to do. Also had my hair cut, so that’s looking good. Like a wally I arrived two hours before my actual appointment, having moved it and not remembered I’d changed the time… Still, it meant I got to go and sit … Continue reading

Owner of a lonely heart

Right now I just wish I had not fallen a little for someone unavailable. Nothing’s happened – nothing’s wrong. I’ve spent a day out with G at a concert, then we met FF for drinks. We dodged a giant thunderstorm (just) and had a great time once we finally found a pub (which I feared … Continue reading

Second time lucky

Passed my part 1 test this morning. My test was first – got on, cracked on, conquered the slalom. Job done. Bet my instructor didn’t think I’d do it – having a quick practise beforehand in the other car park I was all over the sodding place. However it was 7.30am and I had not … Continue reading

The Casual Email

I wrestled with my conscience for – oooooh – let’s realistically say at least a whole minute this morning. I had in my possession, as emailed to me by a colleague from another organisation, a group photo of us all from the conference party last week. From the photo booth. A sector memento, if you … Continue reading

Bloody slaloms

Had a giant microsecond attack of nerves 3 minutes into my Part 1 motorbike test. Unhelpfully this was right in the middle of the slalom, where you need perfect concentration and zen-like calm. I’d been fine in the practices all morning. But no, my nerves got the better of me and I veered off course, … Continue reading

In which “Things are a tad rocky”

Checked my work emails today. Lo and behold, M had replied about half an hour after I left the office on Friday. He’d got my note. Here it is. The title was ‘Conference Feedback (!)’ ____________________________________________ Hello!   My highly formal looking email title relates of course to the post!   I’m afraid I will … Continue reading

Best friends rule

Last weekend I was lucky enough not to be visited by just my best friend, but also my fabulous cousin. Friday afternoon saw Cousin Z arrive. She’d been on a course in the county. We strolled up the river to The Perch and generally basked in the afternoon sunshine. When the sun finally went in … Continue reading