Wednesday Night Delight

“What do you know about soft tissue damage?” I asked the Doc, stretching my smooth, soft and still-bruised leg in the air, post-coitally. He had a good feel. “Yeah, reckon you’ve torn a muscle in there” – as I yelped in pain at his poking into said (thigh) muscle. He may be an ENT specialist … Continue reading

Thank You; or, Falling Off Hurts

To everyone who looked after me today. Thank you – to the passers-by who immediately called an ambulance and checked to see if I was OK. Sorry – to my instructor who I slightly crashed in to as I randomly and bizarrely lost control and over-throttled (from a stationery start, oh the shame!) and knocked … Continue reading

Holding back the housing enthusiasm

I have somewhere sorted to live from mid-October. Housemate S and I are not going to carry on living here. The house is too problematic and expensive; the agency are sharks; the bells are starting to really annoy me. My colleague / friend NG is staying with friends since her house sale / purchase fell … Continue reading

Supper club is good for the soul

Apparently I started my blog three years ago. Three! I’ve had a lot to bore people with whinge about in that time, mostly man-related whinging it has to be said. Who wants to hear about grumbling about your gas bill, after all? From time to time I like to dwell on the good things in … Continue reading

In which a small but significant milestone is reached

Today I announced to LT and LZ that I would be very happy not to ever see OG again, ever. LT called my bluff and said ‘so you’ll delete his number from your phone, then?’ I picked up my phone, brought up his contact details, and deleted them in front of her. Good riddance.

Another crap date

How awful is that sinking feeling in your stomach when you meet your date in person for the first time, and you are taller than them in your heels? It’s not something I enjoy, put it that way. It ought to be noted that I’m not what you’d call a giant – I’m a very … Continue reading

Summer Sunshine

Been out raspberry picking today, hot hot hot. A really lovely English summer’s thing to do. Also had my hair cut, so that’s looking good. Like a wally I arrived two hours before my actual appointment, having moved it and not remembered I’d changed the time… Still, it meant I got to go and sit … Continue reading