The anti-zen of motorcycle maintenance

20 minutes and I’m in a foul mood again. Yes, I tried to start my motorbike. Should have known this was too much to ask. Still it’s a beautiful day and I’m nearly over the flu, so I was feeling bold. Time to get some more miles on the clock. Pushed it out onto the … Continue reading

80s disco ‘flu

I should be writing about what a fab weekend I had (cos I did), but to be frank, sitting at my desk and typing is slightly more than I can manage. Here is a brief summary: Friday night – train to HBFs (kid-free for the night). WBF arrives, plus other friends of the HBFs, we … Continue reading

Tuesday blacks and blues

Dropped my sodding motorbike again today. On my ankle this time. Idiot. Two times tried to kick-start when sat on bike. Two times dropped it. Evidently once was not enough. I have learned now. Bike is still stalling when I come to a stop, despite last night’s tinkering with the idling speed screw. Suspect I … Continue reading

Meeting NSG

You know when you meet someone and you know immediately that you are going to get on? I guess the many emails / comments we’ve exchanged over the last few years meant that actually we weren’t strangers, and that we were going to have plenty to talk about. After all, we both knew each other’s … Continue reading

And this week I will be meeting….

… someone whose blog I read avidly back in his prolific days… the popular-in-the-UK, all-round American nice guy, more recently my pen-pal (and tolerator of my sometimes irritatingly sporadic emails) – yes – the one and only New Single Guy! Ta-dah! Here in the UK and Ireland on a trip of a lifetime – and … Continue reading

Girl on a bike; Some very exciting news

              So yeah, my bike arrived. Great excitement. The guy delivered it, gave me a run-through, explained the servicing, happy days. I spent a pleasant half-hour or so afterwards affixing my L-plates (very nicely, I might add) (drilling was required). Took a photo, texted it to OG, as he … Continue reading

Sunshine and a debauched Saturday

Sometimes I am fortunate to have an evening or a  day or a weekend that is just perfect – and this has been one such weekend. I’m glad I didn’t have my Friday amuse-bouche because even without that, I have that achy slightly stiff soporific feeling that only comes from a great deal of imaginative sex … Continue reading