Mini private freak-out

I woke up at about 1.30am last night and spent the next two hours wide awake, worrying myself slightly crazy. I nearly got up and switched my laptop on to do a brain-dump of all my worries, but, in that small-hours-of-the-morning-panic kind of way, I found myself glued to my pillow wondering if I’d ever … Continue reading

In the lovely cottage (at last)

I’ve moved yet again this week to my final(ish) destination. I’ll give it to Christmas, at least, if fate doesn’t intervene and decide otherwise (as it has done for much of this year). The Australians left, I moved in. They left NG some cash to get cleaners in. NG took a unilateral decision that we’d … Continue reading

A wonderful working holiday

I’ve just spent a week at Cragside in Northumberland on a National Trust working holiday. The last time I did anything like that was when I was 17, for my Duke of Edinburgh’s award, but if possible I enjoyed this one even more. The group were fantastic; the leader was brilliant (even if I had … Continue reading

At last some good things

It’s really nice to have some good news. Lots of stuff at the moment has been a bit negative – moving house and all the stress that has entailed; dealing with the letting agency who are incompetent to the bitter end; living out of a suitcase (although H is so welcoming and friendly it’s a … Continue reading

Last night in Jericho

Well. Here I am, sat on my bed, looking at my room filled with boxes, most of them neatly labelled with various locations. It’s my last night in Jericho – the last night in this fabulous big bedroom with its high ceiling and my own furniture, my wonderful easy-going housemate, and our spacious home. I’ve … Continue reading

Organised chaos

I’m moving out of my house in a week or so – so we’re clogged up with boxes. I just need to get through the next month and then I’ll be installed in the Lovely Cottage, with a housemate I mildly fear will not be as easygoing as the lovely Housemate S. I’m not sure … Continue reading

A year of doing badly

Within the last 12 months I have: failed to get two ‘Senior’ jobs – “strong fields” “difficult decision” blah blah BLAH. TWO. Yes. One was the job last week. I’m really pissed off about the manner in which I finally found out (HR, an email) failed to get an apprenticeship failed my part 1 bike test, … Continue reading

Interminable waiting

Seems like a lifetime, to wait between interview on Tuesday and ‘by the end of the week’. Challenges: a stinking cold; one of the panel being T the Moron, the despised former manager of my previous team; the selection process being split into three parts, at two different times of the day. Pros: T the … Continue reading

Speedboats, cocktails, and champagne

I had such a fun weekend. HBF and I went and had a speedboat adventure (my belated birthday present). We made it through the horrendous traffic down to Southampton with about 5 minutes to spare, panicking about being late, following a comedic combination of phone sat-nav and paper direction, with the world’s smallest-scale map. But … Continue reading

Wednesday Night Delight

“What do you know about soft tissue damage?” I asked the Doc, stretching my smooth, soft and still-bruised leg in the air, post-coitally. He had a good feel. “Yeah, reckon you’ve torn a muscle in there” – as I yelped in pain at his poking into said (thigh) muscle. He may be an ENT specialist … Continue reading