The magic of B12 and a side order of spots

Wow. The B12 injections have properly kicked in and worked like a dream. Monday morning back at work was like, well, Monday morning. A perfectly normal Monday morning. Walk to station, train, walk to work. Functioning – thinking – laughing – not thinking about each movement – recalling all the words I needed for everything … Continue reading

Dating update: A rush of engineers

Having kicked The Youngster into touch, I wouldn’t want you thinking I was suffering a subsequent man-drought… oh no no no … I got back on the dodgy website several days later, and rewrote my profile. It’s pretty strict, carefully written, clear on what I want and what I don’t want (and I have put … Continue reading

Slimming Week 13: Excuses Excuses Excuses

Weight lost +3½ lb: Total loss – 13lb Enough excuses. I have eaten my way through pretty much whatever I fancied this week. Chips with lashings of garlic mayo with Housemate S; fish and chips for dinner on Monday night when The Youngester cancelled (but hey at least the mushy peas are Free); veggie burger … Continue reading

It’s not me, it’s you

Yesterday was somewhat of an tedious ordeal as far as The Youngster was concerned. As I had resolved not to be all sweetness and light following the last-minute cancellation of Monday night’s plans, I didn’t text him, and I found this very easy to do. I had an inkling that he was the sort of … Continue reading

Patience wearing somewhat thin…

So it’s Monday night. The scheduled time for The Youngster to come over, after being unavailable over the weekend. I’ve been working at home today (B12 injection) and have made arrangements to work at home tomorrow too, anticipating being a bit tired from lots of energetic shagging, and this being the only week in humanity … Continue reading

A slight test of my patience

It’s been a fun couple of days of texting and WhatsApp-ing with The Youngster. After my second B12 injection I’m finally feeling substantially more human and ready to face life again. Former Housemate S came to visit me today – we were originally meant to be doing a giant 26-mile canal walk but clearly, since … Continue reading

When is Post-Viral Fatigue not in fact Post-Viral Fatigue?

Answer: When you’re missing THIS … “This” (for non-chemists) happens to be that common-or-garden everyday substance which you probably don’t think about much: vitamin B12. Apparently I have a deficiency of B12, as my (very speedily processed) blood tests confirmed today. The symptoms of B12 deficiency are, according to the NHS, as follows: extreme tiredness [tick!] … Continue reading