Slimming Week 5

Or, in which I hit the wall… Weight lost – 0; Total loss – 7lb So I maintained this week. The scales briefly looked like they were going to give me a ½lb loss, but no, they settled at last week’s weight. I was a bit deflated. I haven’t had that bad a week. Only one … Continue reading

Slimming Week 4

Weight lost – 1½ lb; Total lost – 7lb I’ve done it – got my first sticker (hopefully first of at least 8!) I’m really pleased – I’ve been so tired and worn out this week that my Syns have crept up to 15 per day instead of the 10 I’m really aiming for, which … Continue reading

Just another manic Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday…

Working hard hard hard… managing two people now instead of just one. Flattering to be asked, great to have it articulated how trusted you are – so many meetings, so many projects to line up for my new reportee, nonsense politics to deal with, endless emails you’re cc’d into rather pointlessly, so many blessed systems … Continue reading

Slimming Week 3

 Weight lost – 3½ pounds: Running total – 5½ pounds I’ve lost 3½ pounds this week and am very happy indeed! My secret hasn’t been a complicated one – just sticking to the plan, not cheating, not making excuses, and making sensible choices. I cooked dinner for my friend LT on Tuesday – a collection of … Continue reading

Slimming Week 2

Weight lost this week: 2lb [total – 2lb] Hurray – the pounds are starting to shift! So happy and relieved. I’ve stuck to the plan 100% this week, including eating out and drinks. I haven’t kidded myself or felt grumpy that I couldn’t simply tuck in to everything in sight. Even when there have been … Continue reading

Are you feeling smothered yet??

So it turns out the initially articulate guy from Bristol who has been exchanging messages with me has switched from chatting about shed and woodwork and cocktails (with an x at the end of every message), through “oooh don’t change your profile picture xx, I don’t want anyone else to take you away from me … Continue reading

Bank holiday update

I’m off to the HBFs for my godson’s birthday party today. I’m assured that things have moved on from Mario Kart so I’m unlikely to get my arse handed to me on a plate today: something called Disney Infinity has replaced the mighty MK and I haven’t a clue about that one. I haven’t seen … Continue reading

Slimming Week 1

I didn’t lose any weight at my first weigh-in on Thursday, to my huge disappointment. One bad day on Monday with a teacake I didn’t want, and some Chinese nibbles that were completely off-plan, but I really didn’t think I’d done badly otherwise. The group were lovely, and the leader was really supportive. I had … Continue reading