Simple pleasures; Dipping a toe back in the pond

I’ve taken a couple of days off work around this weekend. Mentally frazzled at work, trying to keep all my plates spinning, feeling exhausted – I did the smart thing and booked a couple of days’ annual leave, thinking that two days out of my holiday allowance might well forestall two, three weeks off ill … Continue reading

Hotel Cots is open for business!

My Ikea delivery arrived last week. Hurray! A dining table (cheaper than you can get second hand), a lovely thick rug, a little side table, a gorgeous red bookshelf which I fell in love with, and, most importantly, a bed for the spare bedroom. Things to complete the house, lovely things. So there’s been a … Continue reading

A bit of SQL, a bit of banter

Ahhh the lovely M… Remember him? He’s the cute guy from way back last summer. The colleague I was at the conference with, where we had a great deal of fun at the Emirates Stadium, then stayed up till 3.30am drinking in the Travelodge bar. Oh yes. We knew how to have a good time. … Continue reading

The math of love, from a TEDx speaker who loves math

The math of love, from a TEDx speaker who loves math

Originally posted on TED Blog:
Hannah Fry speaks at TEDxBinghamtonUniversity about ‘The Mathematics of Love.” The talk has become the latest TED Book. Photo: TEDxBinghamtonUniversity When TED asked Hannah Fry to write a book on the mathematics of finding true love, Fry happened to be — of all places — on her honeymoon. “[My husband…

In which calmer waters are arrived at

I’m quietly unpacking my things into their new places. I really like that I made a big effort over the last few years to ditch things I don’t use or need. I won’t ever be minimalist, exactly, but I’ve stopped hanging on to bits of ribbon “just in case”. The house suits my furniture, by … Continue reading

Back in the Cotswolds

And I’m back! Quite clearly having a blog called Cotswolds Girl and then moving out into the city breeched the Trade Description Act, so in order to rectify this I have duly moved back. To get here I drive through my former Cotswolds town, and as I made my way to collect my keys the … Continue reading

The longest wait is nearly over

My things are packed, my heart is slowly lightening, I’m inching ever closer to Friday when I can finally blow this joint forever. Things are actually quiet at the house. The random nephew is not yet back, the latest NG knew was he’d be back “sometime”. So let’s hope that’s “sometime” after I’ve left. I’m … Continue reading

A slightly inappropriate memory moment

Spent the weekend at my parents, mainly because I had things stored in their loft that I’m going to need next week when I move house (did I mention that…?), but also to escape from Oxford and spend as little time in the house as humanly possible. Both missions achieved. In fact when I got … Continue reading