Flute Learner

Given that I don’t have the space for a piano but miss playing it very badly (the missing, not the playing…), I’ve decided to teach myself a small portable instrument. I was mulling over the oboe, thinking what an interesting instrument it is, and what an unusual sound it makes, but then fate intervened, and … Continue reading

Slimming Week 10

Weight lost – 2½ lb: Total lost – 13lb I’m so close to my stone sticker – and I really really wanted it this week. Only a pound away. I’d done 5 days solid SP this week too, in a really big effort. It was really paying off, too, and the cheeky morning checks on … Continue reading

Slimming Week 9 – facing challenges

Weight lost – ½lb: Total loss – 10½lb It’s a lovely summer’s day, I’m lounging about in my new satin short dressing gown, two red biplanes have just slowly flown over, and the world looks a happier place. I was back at my Slimming World group on Thursday (I was in London on a course last … Continue reading

The Ball

Here’s a story for you. It’s a true story which happened very recently, and it’s not a long one. Once upon a time there was a girl who was going to a ball with one of her very oldest and best friends. They spent the afternoon getting ready, doing each other’s hair, giggling, listening to music, … Continue reading

On being a grown-up

Certain things in life make me feel like a proper bona fide grown-up. A successful grown-up. My mother would probably laugh and remind me of my age, and that it definitely falls into the grown-up category of things. But, you know, and I’m sure you can empathise, I don’t always feel that way! I look … Continue reading

It’s a bright June afternoon

(yes, that is a Roxette song…) I love these June days. Warm, kind weather which lets you take your coat off as you amble about town. Your jumper, even, at lunchtime, if the sun’s really out. The grass is green and bright; lawns are mowed just so in wide stripes. Trees are rich with leaves … Continue reading

Creative Blogger!

The very kind HollyOnAMission has nominated me for this, the Creative Blogger Award! (thanks Holly) I would certainly agree that I’m creative in the span of nonsense I write about! Holly is a fellow SlimmingWorld slimmer (and my goodness she has done incredibly well!) so I read her cheerful positive blog to get inspiration in … Continue reading

Slimming Week 7 – down a dress size!

Weight lost – 1 ½ lbs; Total loss – 10lb Another successful week – delighted with 1 ½ lbs as last week involved a lot of cake and other birthdayish food which was definitely not on plan! It just shows me that if I do indulge and then get back on track, things needn’t be a write-off. … Continue reading

The Plan

And yes, since you ask, it is a plan so cunning you could indeed stick a tail on it and call it a fox… Having recently crashed firmly and inescapably into my mid-thirties, I finally realised it was time to Do Something About the Housing Situation Before it Gets Really Really Difficult. Here are the … Continue reading