I’m doing the “contradictory” thing again – my feet are still giving me bother, one swollen, one probably fractured but healing – but yet I have agreed to a second date with The Frenchman where we will be going to the indoor ski slopes. Probably not the most sore-feet-friendly activity but I’m so fed up … Continue reading

A date with The Frenchman

I’ve been having an interesting little chat on OKC with a cute French guy (imaginatively nicknamed “The Frenchman”), which, following a bit of a trend, started when he emailed me about my interest in Technic Lego. We exchanged lots of messages as he was good at replying quickly, and they were amusing and quick-witted. Also … Continue reading

Bank holiday Saturday

I fricking love long weekends. Whomsoever it was at my particular place of work that decreed we would have Maundy Thursdays as a bonus freebie day off – may the sun shine on you in perpetuity and tiny kittens lick your feet clean every evening. Today has been a pottery householdy sort of day. Popped … Continue reading

A Date with Mr Checked Shirt

Well I’ve taken my sweet time writing this one up given it was over a weekĀ ago! Perhaps that gives a hint about my levels of keeness towards this one… So – yeah – Mr Checked Shirt – another OK Cupid date. At the upper end of my notional age range, had a decent black-and-white profile … Continue reading

Country House Weekend II

Well, we know I stayed up till 4am partying on Saturday, and boy, did I sure have the hangover on Sunday to go with it… as expected. The whole weekend was just great, from start to finish. Arrived on Friday evening, drove up the drive flanked with llamas and Shetland ponies, over a cattle grid, … Continue reading

Country House Weekend I

It’s 4.15am and I’ve just reluctantly abandoned the kitchen party which splintered off from the main disco in the party dungeon (yes really) following our incredible 3-course dinner for 26. Things are winding down now, and frankly I feel we can’t top our kitchen group singalong to Like A Prayer anyway (the dungeon was too … Continue reading

On Being a Domestic Goddess

Thanks to PianoLearner for sharing the veggie love with this one – split pea fritters – yum. We’ll gloss over the bit where I burnt the first pan full of boiling split peas and filled the house with stinking pea smoke… turns out one of the key principles of successful Domestic Goddessity is not to … Continue reading

Incredible women

Over the last eighteen months or so my closest friends have faced some major life challenges. There have been serious romantic temptations for some friends, unseen threats to their carefully built family lives. I felt reasonably well equipped to take those on board (having done the dreadful deed – cheated on my husband and then … Continue reading

A date with Mr Mandolin

Yesterday evening saw me arriving a whole 3 minutes later than the appointed time at a new wine bar in Oxford [be LATE be LATE do NOT be EARLY, I repeated to myself as I forcibly wandered around M&S in a cunning delaying tactic]. Mr Mandolin was already there (good), drinking coffee (?). He was … Continue reading