Dating update; Sundayishness

I’m awake annoyingly early for a Sunday. Possibly because I went straight to bed after watching England get trounced by Australia (as I foresaw), possibly because I hadn’t had a drink, possibly because when I got into bed I read a few more pages of “How Not to be Wrong: The Maths [or indeed Math … Continue reading

On lawnmowers

These are ridiculous. RIDICULOUS. They are heavy, they certainly do NOT fly, and because they’ve only got two stupid piddly little wheels at the front, they chew your lawn up. BECAUSE THEY DON’T HOVER. Right. Clearly so tired I’m getting emotional over the fact the mower chews up the lawn. Am going to give up … Continue reading

October sunshine and a dash of weariness

Loving the warm days and the sunshine. The mornings are also pretty cool: foggy, and then a peachy sunrise floating above. All viewed from the train, of course. But the sunshine – yes. Lovely. Feeling tired though. Not really sure why. It’s three weeks since my last B12 shot, so I wasn’t expecting to feel … Continue reading

Not Answering the Phone

Sigh. A couple of weeks ago I had to gently put a halt to the Rugby Player texting me more than I was enjoying. I can’t say, honestly, that he was exactly bombarding me, but he kept on texting even when he got no replies, which just makes me uncomfortable and makes me think he’s … Continue reading

Being scatty; Penpals

I’m flapping around trying to find the Italian CD I borrowed from the library, since all my books are due tomorrow. In my pre-holiday whirlwind I put it somewhere completely unobvious. Being cunning, I thought I’d just renew it online – but I can’t find my library card!! This seems to be a bit of … Continue reading

Bella Italia ’15

And so back home again. What a lovely trip. Perfectly relaxing. Four days out of seven with hot sunshine. Two days with rain. No thunderstorms (this is good news in my book). Eaten my body weight in bread and pizza and cheese. Drunk a great deal of decent Italian white. Good flights. No mishaps, and … Continue reading

In Italy

     There are worse views to have from your bedroom window… (If the photo ever loads…) Here I am, in lovely Italy, in beautiful (and rather unknown) Le Marche. I’ve wanted to come here for, oh, at least 12 years. Mainly for the food, I’ll admit… Cousin Z and I wanted somewhere completely away … Continue reading


Off to Italy. Got to get up at 2am. Therefore bed at 8pm. Must weigh suitcase check passport weigh hand luggage get petrol blow up tyres cook dinner wash hair shave legs dry hair chuck out food that will go off chuck out flowers switch off plugs check passport What am I doing sitting on … Continue reading

Slimming Week 21: A shiny new certificate

Weight lost: 1lb – Total loss: 1st 7lb I’ve been faffing around this award for weeks, not quite getting there. This week was the week! And now I shall depart for a week’s holiday to Italy, where I fully plan to sample everything I wish to, gastronomically speaking, and inevitably come back several pounds heavier… … Continue reading

A vintage steam jaunt

WBF visited this weekend, and we had a nice chilled out time. The highlight of the weekend was a trip to the Cotswolds steam railway (the Gloucestershire and Warwickshire Railway, although it doesn’t actually get to Warwickshire any more!). We decided to put on a vintage-style frock each, just because. WBF had bought a selection … Continue reading