A Very British Bank Holiday Weekend

Had a cracking weekend away with Cousin Z. Her chums L&M (who I met at her birthday party) invited me to join them when Z next visited, because they are generally lovely human beings. I’ve only been to Brighton a couple of times before for the day, with HBF. We’ve always had a brilliant time, … Continue reading

Rain shine rain shine shine rain rain rain

Can’t quite cope with this schizophrenic weather at the moment. Two days ago I was getting sunburned calves whilst every single pore on my upper body busied itself in a communal drenching of my t-shirt, cooling off with my nephew in a paddling pool, then fleeing inside at the first sign of thunder (for which … Continue reading

Slimming Week 17 – Water retention

Weight lost – 0lb: Total loss – 1st 3lb I MAINTAINED last night at weight-in. Two days before that, I’d lost 3 ½lb from the week before, and was in with a chance of getting my stone-and-a-half sticker. I’d had a brilliant week (apart from a flapjack on Tuesday during at shitty day at work) and … Continue reading

A slow train to far far away

  Have you ever had the urge to get on a totally different train to the one you’re meant to be catching? One that’s going as far far away as possible. I used to get that feeling, frighteningly intensely, in the time after I’d moved to Oxford. I was getting divorced, without a solicitor of … Continue reading

Summer Sunday Mornings

Some weekend mornings are as near as perfect as makes no difference. Sleeping in past 06:30, sunshine streaming around the blinds. Lying in bed reading a trashy book until my stomach rumbles and I can be bothered to go and make breakfast. The solely individual smugness of having bothered to tidy up properly after cooking … Continue reading

Slimming Week 16: Not giving up

Weight lost – ½lb: Total loss – 1st 3lb This is usually the point I give up. I’ve lost just over a stone, I’ve got a bit lax about tracking my Syns precisely, I’m allowing myself more treats than I ought to be having. Add to that last weekend when I visited my family – for … Continue reading

Perfect FwB etiquette

I slightly think I might be having too much sex at the moment… although I imagine this is a rather more female attitude than possibly a male one (too much sex – no such thing!!) Mr Fun came over for “tea” this evening. We arranged that he’d come over at 6.30, which left me slightly … Continue reading

Friday night frolicks, Saturday excursions

I met Dr Irish on Friday night. He arrived bang on time at the restaurant I’d booked for us, at his suggestion, although I had moved the booking back an hour as 7.30 was slightly ambitious for a Friday night drive from Down South… He was slim without being skinny, shorter than me (in my … Continue reading

Slimming Week 15

Weight lost – ½lb: Total loss – 1st 2½ lb Not a big loss this week but not unexpected – I stuffed my face when in Bath with HBF and also had pizza and chocolate mousse pots when Mr Welsh visited. I’ve also not had my desk stocked with good work snacks so I have had … Continue reading

A Very Fun Friday – Part II

Yesterday evening was my date with Mr Welsh. I’d been keyed up with anticipation as I drove home from my day out with HBF, having all sorts of naughty daydreams about how the evening would start… All week we’d been messaging about it, and it was confirmed that if I liked him, I would lick … Continue reading