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First thing yesterday morning OG sidled over to the biscuit box, nestling in the official office cake spot, which happens to be right next to my desk (well there had to be one advantage to my unwanted temporary desk move).

He interfered with some biscuits. I looked up. He said hello. I said hello back. More biscuit shuffling. I waited.

He asked me how my weekend was. I told him, and tried not to make it unnecessarily dramatic. He hmmed and nodded in a listening way. He looked me in the eye as I spoke to him. Then he finally selected a biscuit, and went back to his desk.

Reasons why I know this was an olive branch:

  • he very rarely remembers to eat anything from the cake spot, and those rare occasions are always in the afternoon
  • he has to make a special effort to walk the ten extra steps to my desk
  • he molested the poor biscuits quite vigorously in that way we have of needing to fiddle with something when we are feeling a bit awkward and trying to make amends
  • I know very well that he doesn’t like to be ignored when I really mean it

Well good on him for making the effort to see if we are still friends.

Of course, he will be thinking I am upset for being romantically rejected. Unfortunately, it is rather more fundamental than that – in that I think that last week he was a very shoddy friend, that I wouldn’t treat my friends the way he treats me, and I have major issues with his levels of hypocracy.

I have yet to decide whether I wish to inform him of this, or whether it is worth it when he is only here for another month.

So I’m not sure how much I can stomach. I had to pass on his leaving card today with instructions for it to come back to me in a few days, lest I write ‘Good luck – now hurry up and fuck off well away from me.’

I thought I would make a small return effort – a reciprocal olive leaf if you will – at the end of today. As I put my coat on (which lives behind him), I showed him the maths exercise I did at lunchtime in which I got 5 out of 5. Blessedly L joined in – ‘cool, are you doing quadratics?’. I didn’t sit down on the seat as I used to do, I didn’t stay and chat very long, I joked with them both about my maths work for a couple of minutes, then went home.

That’s as much as I’m prepared to do at the moment.

In other splendid news, my tiny nephew has come home from hospital today! What a legend. I am so pleased. They can all be together as a family now, and my mini nephew has his parents back. Couldn’t be happier. Sent flowers.

I also – put my application in for another job yesterday. My statement was proofed by LT and R, and they told me it was good. R said she wanted to hire me! (bless. Let’s hope the shortlisters feel the same). I know that it is a good application, that I have pretty much everything they are looking for, I can start as quickly as anybody possibly could (pending someone in that team literally stepping into it), and I think I’d be a good candidate.

Happily this time I’m not emotionally invested in it, unlike last time. OG did make the mistake of saying ‘yeah, it’s pretty much yours I should imagine’ last week. I told him off. He said that last time. We shall just see this time.

What will be, will be.